Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different competition levels?

· Inspiring Gems

· Recreational

· Competition

· Competition Elite

Click here for more explanation.

What are the different age divisions?

Determined by using average age of the dancer(s) as of January 1, 2023. Do NOT round up. Dancers maintain their Regional Age at the Nationals. The system will recalculate the average age of a routine for Nationals if any of the dancers in a routine change.

· Mini: 6 & Under

· Petite: 7-8

· Junior: 9-11

· Teen: 12-14

· Senior: 15-19

· Adult: 20 & Older

What does a competition weekend schedule look like?

Since we base each event’s schedule on registered routines and specific conflicts we have no way of knowing exactly which routines will perform on which days until the preliminary schedule is finalized.  These schedules are released by 2 weeks prior to the event. Please see below for a sample schedule at a Sold Out event.


12:15 pm Doors open for Competition
1:00 pm Session 1 – Solos/Duos/Trios 
11:30 am Awards Session

7:15 am Doors open for Competition
8:00 am Session 2 – Solos/Duos/Trios 
11:30 am Awards Session
12:15 pm Session 3 – Groups Minis/Petite/Junior
 6:00 pm Awards Session
6:45 pm Session 4 – Solos/Duos/Trios
9:45 pm Awards Session

7:15 am Doors open for Competition
8:00 am Session 5 – Groups Teen/Senior & Junior
1:15 am Awards Session
2:00 pm Session 6 – Solos/Duos/Trios Senior
 6:00 pm Awards Session

What are your entry fees?

Studio Owners, please contact us at to receive a copy of our entry fees. Proof of studio ownership will be required.

How do I register?

All registration for Inspire National Dance Competition can be completed through your DanceCompGenie account or by clicking here.

I have a quick costume change. What should we do?

We do our best to allow at least four numbers for costume changes. Please see the Backstage Manager during the event if an issue arises. If you have a special request that needs to be handled prior to the event, please email

Do you accept independent dancers?

We do not accept independent entries. A dance studio attending the competition must register each entry within the DanceComp Genie platform. Each studio is required to bring a minimum of TWO (2) performing individuals. This rule does not apply to soloists that qualify for Nationals.

Do you have a Title competition?

Soloists at Regionals & Nationals have the opportunity to compete in a “Title Competition”. It is available to all levels of dancers: Recreational, Competition & Competition Elite. Soloists may enter one or more routines for the “Title” division, and this will need to be indicated when registering. Studio Owners can register their dancers through their DanceCompGenie Account. More detailed information for Title Competition can be found by clicking here.

How do I access Photos and Videos?

Inspire National Dance Competition includes free videos for all registered dancers and their studios – no additional fees! When a photographer is available we will also offer free photos. Each dancer registered will receive UNLIMITED download access to ALL of their videos (and photos when applicable) through the Dakiki app typically within 5 days AFTER the event. Please click here for guidebook.

Are we allowed to take photos or videos during competition?

Video is provided free of charge at all events. Personal video and photos is only permitted during awards ceremonies. If there is not a photographer present at the time of the event, then we will have a station for a studio representative to take photos when appropriate.

What should we do with props?

Each facility is different. Once you arrive, see Backstage Manager or the Director. Click here for more specifics.

Are there assigned dressing rooms?

Yes, we assign dressing rooms at all events.

Do you have a photogenic competition?

Yes, we have a photogenic competition at each event. Submissions are completed upon arrival at the merchandise table. Please have access to your digital images to submit. We also have a separate online photogenic competition. Learn more here and apply here.

What is the CREW program and how do I get involved?

It is a brand-new opportunity for dancers and performers 14 and older!

The CREW members will have a chance to travel with the Inspire and/or Empire family and learn behind the scenes exactly what goes into dance competitions. During their year, they will develop leadership skills and talents that can be used in any path they pursue after high school. Applications will open mid-March 2023. More information is available here.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are at the sole discretion of Inspire National Dance Competition. No refunds will be given 14 days prior to the event. Studio Owners may reach out to Inspire NDC at for additional information.

Are shows open to the public, and if so, is there a fee to watch?

Yes, all competitions are open to the public and there is no fee to watch.