Schedule of Events

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2022 INSPIRE National Competition

June 27 – July 1, 2022 | Savannah, GA

Thank you so much for joining us this year! We hope that you are having an amazing season. We would love for you and your dancers to join us for our Nationals Event. Outlined below are the qualifications, key features and general guidelines for attending the INSPIRE National Finals.  There is also a SAMPLE of what the event schedule could be like posted online. The official schedule will be posted 2 weeks prior to the event. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Studio entries must achieve a Platinum Elite, Platinum, High Gold or Gold to attend the INSPIRE NDC Finals.


If a studio does not attend an Inspire Regional Competition or if a particular entry was unable to compete at a regional, they may contact INSPIRE NDC management for consideration.


Master Classes

FREE Master Classes are available to all dancers registered for the Inspire Nationals Event. The schedule of classes will be based upon the competition schedule. Parents and teachers are welcome to watch classes. No cell phones, small children or other distractions will be allowed.

INSPIRE All-Star Classes & Choreography

Select Junior, Teen and Senior Competition and Competition Elite dancers were selected at INSPIRE 2020 regional events to participate as INSPIRE All-Stars.


Our Improv Auditions are available for all dancers.  There is a $40 registration fee for entry into this audition.  Dancers will receive a number upon registration on-site.  Dancers will receive audition and improvisation tips from our choreographers prior to their audition.  The audition will be divided by age division.  All participants will listen to an excerpt of the music that has been selected.  They will be divided into groups and will perform.  Select dancers from each age division will be selected as INSPIRE Improv Winners.  These winners will be given a certificate, a dance top and will perform a selection of improv as an opening for our INSPIRE S/D/T Crystal Title Showcase.

2021 Improv Opening Number


Please read all our rules carefully. Failure to comply could result in disqualification. INSPIRE NDC reserves the right to alter or make adjustments to these rules and guidelines as they deem necessary.

  • All National entries must registered online 30 days prior to the competition date.

  • All entries will remain in the same age division for Nationals as they competed at Regionals. Entries may change levels and categories with permission from INSPIRE Management.

  • Entries may drop from a Line to a Large Group, a Large Group to a Small Group, a Small Group to a Duet/Trio.

  • Inspire will allow dancer substitutions for duet/trios, small groups, large groups, and lines. However, permission must be obtained before the Nationals event.

Awards for Round 1

All entries will be adjudicated during round 1 of the Nationals competition.

Nationals Crystal Adjudication Scale:
Competition Elite Division Competition Division Recreational Division
Diamond Elite 285-300 280-300 275-300
Diamond 270-284.9 260-279.9 250-274.9
Sapphire 255-269.9 240-259.9 225-249.9
Ruby 240-254.9 220-239.9 200-224.9
Emerald 225-239.9 200-219.9 175-199.9

Top Performance awards will be given to performances with the highest overall total points in each category (when there are 5 or more entries).  The 8 Top Performance Awards categories are as follows:

  • Top Jazz Performance

  • Top Tap /Clogging Performance

  • Top Hip-Hop Performance

  • Top Lyrical Performance

  • Top Contemporary Performance

  • Top Musical Theatre/ Vocal Performance

  • Top Ballet/ Pointe Performance

  • Top Open/ Modern/ Acro / Pom Pon Performance

Each Top Performance group will be awarded a plaque, and each Top Performance solo/duo/trio will be given an award.

  • Judges choice and People’s choice will be awarded during each initial round of competition.

  • Entries that are selected to return for the Crystal Showcase (solo/duo/trio) and the Crystal Showcase Championship (groups) will be awarded with a “Back to the Stage” Crystal Showcase Pass (one per dancer).  Please see specifics below for information on selection into the Showcase.

Crystal Showcase Showdown

Solo and Duet/Trio Crystal Title Showcase

• The top scoring solos and duet/trios in all age divisions, in all divisions (Rec/Comp/Comp Elite), will compete in the Crystal Title Showcase, which will take place on the second or third day of Nationals.

• There must be at least 7 duet/trios and 10 solos in each category in order to compete in the solo and duet/trio showdown.

• If there are 25 or more solos in the age and division, then the top 5 entries will be invited back. If there are 20-24 solos, then the top 4 entries will be invited back. If there are 15-19 solos, then the top 3 entries will be invited back. If there are 10-14 solos, then the top 2 solos will be invited back. A soloist may only perform their highest scoring solo in the showcase.

• If there are 10 or more duos/trios in the age and division, then the top 3 entries will be invited back. If there are 7-9 duos/trios, then the top 2 entries will be invited back. Duet/Trios must consist of at least one differing dancer in order for two duet/trios from the same studio to be eligible for the showdown.

• A cash prize will be paid to the highest scoring solo and duet/trio in each age and division with the minimum number of solos/duos/trios required. • In addition, select Solos/Duos and Trios will be selected by the judges as Deja Vu Dancers. These dancers are selected from categories that do not have enough entries to be eligible for the showdown. The Deja Vu Dancers will re-compete their entries during the Crystal Title Showcase for top scoring entries within their division. No cash prizes will be given in this area.

• In addition there will be Top Score of the Showcase awards presented.

Group/Line Crystal Showcase Championship

• The top 2-5 highest scoring small groups and large groups/lines (in other words, small groups compete separately from the large groups and lines that compete together; Productions are not included) in the Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior ages, in all divisions (Rec/Comp/Comp Elite), will compete in the Crystal Showcase Championship. Qualifying is based upon the scores, not rankings. If there is a tie for the final spot, all dances with the tied score will be included. If there are 16 or more entries in the size, age and division, then 5 entries will be invited back. If there are 12-15 entries, then 4 entries will be invited back. If there are 8-11 entries, then 3 entries will be invited back. If there are 4-7 entries, then 2 entries will be invited back.

• A studio can only have more than one group in a particular age and division if the additional group is comprised of completely different dancers. Otherwise, only the highest scoring group from a studio may participate in each division.

• If a studio ties itself for the Crystal Showcase qualification, the tie will be broken by the judges.

• Performance order is determined by blind draw.

• Cash prizes and awards will be awarded to the top three placements in each division if there are five or more routines. It is possible that more than five routines may be included if there are ties. Cash prizes and awards will be awarded to the top two placements if there are four routines and to the top first place only if there are three or less routines.

• In addition there will be Top Score of the Showcase awards presented.

Crystal Production Showcase Championship

• At Nationals, all productions will compete in the Crystal Production Showcase Championship, which will take place on the final day of Nationals. The Production Showcase Championship will have a Recreational, Competition and Competition Elite champion.

• There must be at least 3 productions in each division (2 studios or more) in order to compete in the Production Showcase. If there are less than 3 productions, the routines will compete with the other lines and be eligible for the Group/Line Showcase. For example, if there are 8 Competition productions and 2 Recreational productions, the 8 Competition productions will compete in the Production Showcase, and the 2 Recreational productions will compete with the other Recreational lines.

• The Competition and Competition Elite Showcase Champion winner will receive $375 cash AND $375 “Inspire Money”. The Recreational Showcase Champion winner will receive $250 cash and $250 “Inspire Money”. “Inspire Money” is good toward merchandise or registration fees for the 2022 season.